Acoustic Zager Guitars

Product: Zager ZAD 50
Price Paid: $ 595
Email: Parolmanmarkyahoo dot com
Submitted 02/03/2012 at 06:36am by Mark Alexander
Features :
My Guitar was made someother county. Has a solid spruce top, dreadnought body style, “Black Beuty” It came with Grover tuners and the neck was a thinner than the 1st crappy guitar i owned. It also had the Zager EZ-Play. I also bought a hard case that came with a temp and humidity gauge. The guitar came with a free set of strings and a shirt. This seems to be a lot of features for a low cost guitar.
Sound :
I amd have been playing for about 3-4 mos. Sound was good to me, much better than my first guitar. I had my music teacher play it and he told me it sounded good. My wife likes the sound better. I noticed a little string buzz but usually happens when i get lazy and do not chord right.
Action, Fit, & Finish :
Everything seemed good out of the case. I just played it without tuning. My music teacher played it just tuning very little. I have looked my guitar over for flaws b/c of the low cost, but it is in great condition.
Reliability/Durability :
I have had the guitar only since Thanksgiving, but it seems to be a solid guitar. The tuners are Grover so i assume they’ll hold up. the finish is shiny and looks to be there for a while.
Customer Support :
This is the part that sold me on another. I was trying to order the guitar over the net,but could not get it to work. I called Zager and placed the order over the phone, easy and friendly. The website said I could send it back 100% warranty so I bought the guitar. I got an email telling me the when to expect it, my address was wrong so i called back-Zager corrected the address and sent another email to confirm. I emailed them questions and within 30 min.or so the emailed me back. Very helpful and friendly.
Overall Rating :
I have only played for about 3-4mos.all the practice hurt my fingers i owned an alpine cheep guitar. I was looking for something to help searching on google. i came up on Zager’s website. I read all i could on them, then compared cost. I almost bought a $1,200 Martin but since I was new i Went with cost. Zager advertised easy play and it was true. MY FINGERS NO LONGER HURT after playing. now i play longer which leads to better playing. I feel when i get better I still may get Martin but just to own one more than anything. So far Zager has been good. If my wife picks up some guitar it will be the maker i am going with for her.

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