Zager Guitar Review from Rich

Rich <****>


Model: zad50ce

How did you hear about this brand?
From afriend then studied it on the web.

How does this guitar compare with your old guitar, other guitars, or guitars you’ve tried in stores?
I’ve owened Fenders strats,Epiphone,Johnson,higher end Ibanez,Paul Reed Smith,Ive played Martin,Taylor ,Gibson. I only own one guitar i enjoy playing as much,thats my Taylor Ts5.

What’s your favorite part about this guitar?
I like the finish,the sound,and the playabilty.

If you didn’t know the price of this guitar what would you estimate the price to be?
This guitar is comparable to my buddies old Martin. So 800 to 1100.

How would you rate customer support?
So far its been Great.

Would you recommend this guitar to others…if so why?
Yes i would its a great guitar for the price, and would stop alot of fustration for biggener players.

Additional comments:
I want to thank the Zagers for a great guitar and great service. Its good to see a small familey business still “Doing it in America”.


Don’s Zager Guitar Review

Don R. <****>

How did you hear about this brand?
Well i have looking for a guitar for a while but not just one like in stores that i have seen just didnt please me because of the not passion like the Zager and fam. has put into this fine piece of work and passion into it has a lot to do with it and you can feel it hear it.

How does this guitar compare with your old guitar, other guitars, or guitars you’ve tried in stores?
Ha no compare and iam glad this one is mine.

What’s your favorite part about this guitar?
The sound and feel and workmanship !!!!.Not sure

If you didn’t know the price of this guitar what would you estimate the price to be?
Not sure about that.But i no i got more than i though. Ha i got more.

How would you rate customer support?
Great great.

Would you recommend this guitar to others…if so why?
Yea and when i show this guitar to them and they will no.

Additional comments:
Thank yall i now i will enjoy this for a long time.


Dave Macaluso Zager Guitar Review

Dave Macaluso 

Zager ZAD-80CE

Model: zad80ce

How did you hear about this brand?
A friend brought one to Church.

How does this guitar compare with your old guitar, other guitars, or guitars you’ve tried in stores?
I really like my Zager a lot. It is compariable to the playability of my ES335.

What’s your favorite part about this guitar?
I can play or long periods of time without fatigue

If you didn’t know the price of this guitar what would you estimate the price to be?

How would you rate customer support?
Very good. Great support and nice to work with at the point of sell.

Would you recommend this guitar to others…if so why?
Absolutly. This guitar will allow you to play longer. It alos, and I’m not sure how it is done, but allows me to play chords I struggle with on my other guitars much easier.

Additional comments:
If you don’t have a Zager… GET ONE!


Joe Vitale and the Guitar That Sounds Like a Piano

After finding $12,500.00 in an old Paypal account last week, I went on a spending spree.

I bought everything from a Bentley jacket (to start pretending I’m a Bentley GT owner) to a humidor (for my new hobby of cigar smoking) to a

Joe Vitale with Larry King

Joe Vitale with Larry King

rare magic trick (which I can’t wait to show you one day), to a gift of money for Nerissa, and more.

One of the other things I bought was a new guitar. I have several, but you can’t have too many. If you play the guitar, you know what I mean.

This new guitar is a Zager. It’s designed to be, well, easier to play. The website that described it was written beautifully so I decided to order one.
I was telling Pat O’Bryan about it and he asked when he could see it. I told him I hadn’t heard from the seller yet. Pat’s eye-brows went up and I smelled his concern. Suddenly I started to feel buyer’s remorse; that sinking feeling in your gut that says maybe you made a really bad decision.

I wrote to the seller and almost instantly got back an email. It had to be one of the most reassuring emails ever received after a sale. Not only did it confirm my order, but it included testimonials, which essentially made me feel excited all over again about my new guitar. Here’s part of the email:

Hi Joe,
We’ll take care of you…no worries. I’m showing you purchased your guitar Friday night and it went out Monday morning after Denny completed a final inspection on it.

Warmest regards,
Dennis Zager Jr.

Toll free 1-800-308-9731

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Recent customer testimonial:
04-07-2006 Hello Dennis, I received your guitar today and what a great instrument it is! I really like it a lot. It almost sounds like a piano. Very crisp and articulate, perfectly in tune. A very musical guitar! I like the fact that it’s light weight. The neck is very easy to play everywhere, I can bend the strings easily and there’s no buzz at all! The sound is focused, full range, nice bottom, solid mids, rich and round highs. Plus, I think it looks awesome! Thank you so much, I really appreciate that guitar. Thank you again.” — Andre Coutu, Lead guitarist for Celine Dion, Las Vegas, Nevada

I was impressed. Most sellers would write and just say, “Got your order.” The people at Zager Guitar wrote a personal message, gave me the tracking number for the guitar, and added a lot of emotionally supportive links, including a testimonial from Celine Dion’s lead guitarist!

I need to model this approach to doing business. Maybe you do, too. Now I’m really excited to get that guitar!

Ao Akua, Joe Vitale


Acoustic Zager Guitars

Product: Zager ZAD 50
Price Paid: $ 595
Email: Parolmanmarkyahoo dot com
Submitted 02/03/2012 at 06:36am by Mark Alexander
Features :
My Guitar was made someother county. Has a solid spruce top, dreadnought body style, “Black Beuty” It came with Grover tuners and the neck was a thinner than the 1st crappy guitar i owned. It also had the Zager EZ-Play. I also bought a hard case that came with a temp and humidity gauge. The guitar came with a free set of strings and a shirt. This seems to be a lot of features for a low cost guitar.
Sound :
I amd have been playing for about 3-4 mos. Sound was good to me, much better than my first guitar. I had my music teacher play it and he told me it sounded good. My wife likes the sound better. I noticed a little string buzz but usually happens when i get lazy and do not chord right.
Action, Fit, & Finish :
Everything seemed good out of the case. I just played it without tuning. My music teacher played it just tuning very little. I have looked my guitar over for flaws b/c of the low cost, but it is in great condition.
Reliability/Durability :
I have had the guitar only since Thanksgiving, but it seems to be a solid guitar. The tuners are Grover so i assume they’ll hold up. the finish is shiny and looks to be there for a while.
Customer Support :
This is the part that sold me on another. I was trying to order the guitar over the net,but could not get it to work. I called Zager and placed the order over the phone, easy and friendly. The website said I could send it back 100% warranty so I bought the guitar. I got an email telling me the when to expect it, my address was wrong so i called back-Zager corrected the address and sent another email to confirm. I emailed them questions and within 30 min.or so the emailed me back. Very helpful and friendly.
Overall Rating :
I have only played for about 3-4mos.all the practice hurt my fingers i owned an alpine cheep guitar. I was looking for something to help searching on google. i came up on Zager’s website. I read all i could on them, then compared cost. I almost bought a $1,200 Martin but since I was new i Went with cost. Zager advertised easy play and it was true. MY FINGERS NO LONGER HURT after playing. now i play longer which leads to better playing. I feel when i get better I still may get Martin but just to own one more than anything. So far Zager has been good. If my wife picks up some guitar it will be the maker i am going with for her.


GUITAR SHOOTOUT: Martin D-35 vs. Zager ZAD-80 Review

I had NO idea!

I have been playing since I was 10…54 years ago. I have 4 guitars, but I always wanted a MARTIN!

So in a moment of weakness, I splurged $2400 on a mint D-35 Martin on E-bay. One day after that I saw a ZAGER guitar in E-bay. Never heard of it. I was directed to their website….started to get curious. Saw the photos and testimonials. More curious. Saw the reviews, got so curious I called…they had ONE left. I ordered it. Am I nuts, or what? The Martin had not even arrived yet!

Last weekend was the shoot-out. Both side by side against the coffee table. Without considering the cost here are my impressions:

The Martin & the Zager both score equally in craftsmanship, quality of construction and finish, that is to say excellent.

The Martin is subdued, wheras the Zager jumps out at you like a flashbulb going off. It’s striking. It’s not subtle. That impressed me.

As far as sound, the Martin sounds good, but is almost muffled compared to the Zager which has a sound I have never heard in a guitar before, both full, but bright sounding…a sound that was very pleasing.

The Martin was easy to play, but I already have guitars that are as easy to play. The Zager is in another league…no guitar I have ever played is as easy to play as this one.

As a conclusion, It beats the Martin at half the cost.

Thank you.

Ed Walter